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Der dritte Autor war John Jay, Richter, US-Außenminister und später Gouverneur des Staates New York. Obwohl er nach der Abfassung von nur fünf Artikeln erkrankte und danach keine weiteren schrieb, darf sein Anteil an den Federalist Papers nicht unterschätzt werden: In den vermutlich von ihm verfassten Artikeln 2–5
The collection was commonly known as The Federalist until the name The Federalist Papers emerged in the 20th century. Though the authors of The Federalist foremost wished to influence the vote in favor of ratifying the Constitution, in "Federalist No. 1", they explicitly set that debate in broader political terms: It has been
The Federalist Papers consist of eighty-five letters written to newspapers in the late 1780s to urge ratification of the U.S. Constitution. With the Constitution needing approval from nine of thirteen states, the press was inundated with letters about the controversial document. Celebrated statesmen Alexander Hamilton, James
Alexander Hamilton author of the Federalist Papers. Alexander Hamilton, Portrait by John Trumbull. At the time of publication, the authorship of the articles was a closely guarded secret. It wasn't until Hamilton's death in 1804 that a list crediting him as one of the authors became public. It claimed fully two-thirds of the essays
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Federalist Papers: Primary Documents of American History (Virtual Services and Programs, Digital Reference Section, Library of Congress) ... contained in your letter of the 30th Ult. For the remaining numbers of Publius, I shall acknowledge myself obliged, as I am persuaded the subject will be well handled by the Author.
In total, the Federalist Papers consist of 85 essays outlining how this new government would operate and why this type of government was the best choice for the United States of America. All of the essays were signed "PUBLIUS" and the actual authors of some are under dispute, but the general consensus is that Alexander
Beginning on October 27, 1787 the Federalist Papers were first published in the New York press under the signature of "Publius". ... The essays appeared in bookform in 1788, with an introduction by Hamilton. ... But the authors not only discussed the issues of the constitution, but also many general problems of politics.
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Portrait of John Jay, one of the authors of the Federalist Papers. Painted by Gilbert Stuart in 1794. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons. Many of the most influential essays in The Federalist were penned by either Hamilton or Madison: In Federalist No. 10, Madison reflects on how to prevent rule by majority faction and

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