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Abstract: This dissertation considers codes that are formed using certain subsets of algebraic error-control codes and signal space codes. We first consider subspace subcodes of Reed-Solomon (SSRS) codes. We prove a conjecture of Hattori concerning how to identify subspaces that give an SSRS code whose dimension
A Theory of Multitask Learning for Learning from Disparate Data Sources. Abstract: Many endeavors require the integration of data from multiple data sources. One major obstacle to such undertakings is the fact that different sources may vary considerably in the way they choose to represent their data, even if their data
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This thesis investigates applications of penalization techniques to factor analysis models. In a factor analysis model one assumes that there is a linear relationship between the manifest variables (i.e. observable variables) and the hidden factors of interest. Depending on the structure of the factor loading matrix, it can be
Math 190: Sample Thesis Abstract. Fall, 2002. Thesis Title: Fractal Waveforms from irrational rotations of the circle. Author: Ami Radunskaya. Adviser: Professor Jenny Harrison. In her paper “Denjoy Fractals”, Jenny Harrison has constructed a C3−ε counter- example to the Seifert conjecture using an iterative process based
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Mathematical Modeling by Prospective Teachers Using Technology. Thomas Lingefjärd. University of Georgia & University of Gothenburg. Three studies were conducted to investigate prospective mathematics teachers' understanding of mathematical modeling when using technology to solve a variety of problems.
Swedish University dissertations (essays) about ABSTRACT THESIS IN MATHEMATICS. Search and download thousands of Swedish university dissertations. Full text. Free.
A sample proposal abstract, a sample dissertation abstract, and an abstract checklist follow. (Sample Proposal Abstract). [briefly state the problem] Despite more than 50 years of attempts to improve mathematics education, and the simultaneous prevalence of fears associated with learning mathematics in the United States,
Your abstract will generally be the only information found in Internet bibliographies and published in directories of PhD research. • Your abstract should be an accurate representation of your thesis: - to let other researchers decide if they want to read the thesis. - to make your thesis easy to find on search databases.

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