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abstinence-only sexuality education by countering them with scientific findings. The following are a few significant arguments used in abstinence-only programs matched with research-based findings that are in conflict: • Abstinence-only (A.O.) - Abstinence-until-marriage curricula work. ➢ Research Finding – three programs
Free abstinence papers, essays, and research papers. ... Abstinence Only Sex Education - Where in the first world would one expect the teen pregnancy rate to be the highest. Surprisingly, it is ... As more teens become sexually active, more and more school programs are implemented to promote abstinence-only education.
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the amount of money spent on abstinence only education and lowered rates of these sexual health indicators, but ... health outcomes. With the research, it is recommended that further tests be done on the rates of ... Now that the definition of abstinence only education for the purpose of this paper is clear, the actual issue and
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Position paper. Abstinence-only education policies and programs: A position paper of the Society for Adolescent Medicine. Summary. Abstinence from sexual intercourse represents a healthy ... havioral goal is not the same as abstinence-only education .... appropriate research design, measurement issues including.
The Claim: Research shows that abstinence-only education delays sexual initiation and reduces teen pregnancy. The Facts: Abstinence-only education programs are not effective at delaying the initiation of sexual activity or in reducing teen pregnancy. A long-awaited, federally-funded evaluation of four carefully selected
[4,5,6,7] No abstinence-only-until-marriage program has been shown to help teens delay the initiation of sex or to protect themselves when they do initiate sex.[8,9,10 ... Research has identified highly effective sex education and HIV prevention programs that affect multiple behaviors and/or achieve positive health impacts.
Given the current scientific evidence and studies, it is clear that AOE is not an effective form of sexual education for preventing HIV in American youth, so the government funding of abstinence programs should be reallocated to more effective forms of education. In this paper I will present information and startling statistics on

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